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Why East Texas?

It's been forever and a day since I sat down to write. Stress always sucks all the creative energy out of our lives.  I had stress.  So I had writer's block.  Sometimes it can take a while before we can break through and figure exactly what we need to do to get "our groove back", so to speak. 


My break through started to happen last fall, when I made a trip to visit some of my life long friends.  Deep in the heart of Texas.  While I was enjoying their warm company and the warm weather, they were working hard to convince me that I really need to move back to Texas.  I blew them off.  My life was in Montana.  Normal people don't just walk out on their relationships, jobs, family obligations and everything that is familiar just because it sounds good.  I went home and went back to my life, even though I did feel like I was completely overwhelmed and clueless as to what to do about it.  And like they tend to do.... things got a little more difficult and stressful.  God was trying to tell me there was a better way....


One day, probably on a day in January when the temperatures had been hovering around -20 below zero,  I used some of my occupational skills and started looking at the housing market near where my friends all live in Texas.  Fast forward a few months and I had several offers to work in real estate in the state of Texas.  Then I found a little piece of heaven that I could afford, in the most beautiful little spot in the woods. Everything kept falling into place.  God was telling me it was time to make a change for the better for me and my kids.


So here I am today.  Back in the woods of East Texas.  My kids are learning to say, "yes ma'am" and "no sir" when speaking to their elders.  We are all learning to deal with this thing called "humidity".  We have dear friends that live just down the road. Our children all get together and chase frogs in the evenings, while we eat BBQ in the front yard. We stepped into a life here. For the first time in a long time I am tickled plum to death with the opportunities my children and I have in front of us. 


School just started for the boys and for me.  To get my Real Estate license in Texas I have to complete 180 hours of education and pass their exams.  Just because you are a Realtor somewhere else does NOT make you one in Texas. Ha! 

In the midst of all this I have a little bit of land for my horses, dogs, chickens and a garden.  I have the kind of friends that show up, even though its 95 degrees, to help me build fences.


So now you know why my posts on social media are coming from East Texas.  This Montana, prairie girl will always be exactly that, but maybe with a Southern drawl....


Now go make something beautiful,


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