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Last night, a nice little spring storm brought us heavy, wet snow and high winds.  I knew the snow was predicted and did a few things to "batten down the hatches" yesterday afternoon.  Filled the horse water tanks to the brim. Fed the critters all a little extra and brought in enough firewood to last a day or so. The pantry was pretty well stocked so we're good right?

One of the reasons that many of us are modern homesteaders is to be prepared for those times that modern conveniences might be scarce. We learn to raise and process our own meat animals. We keep chickens so eggs are plentiful.  Gardens are grown, seeds are gathered for next year etc. Candles and kerosene lamps are always well stocked and the gun cabinet is too.



The power pole snapped sometime around 2:00 a.m.  We got up and stoked the fire and kept it burning during the night. So the house wasn't an ice box this morning.  Last summer I insisted on installing that little wood stove in the old farmhouse for back up heat.  Today, as the winds howl and the snow piles up, I am so glad to have it! 

All in all we sound pretty prepared right?  I'm giving us a "D" on our little "test". Here's why.  

1.  I didn't bring in nearly enough wood or put enough under cover to keep it dry. 

2. The only drinking water I have on hand is a few bottles left by Michael's momma when she visited last week.   We don't often buy bottled water and it was a fluke that we had it.  

3. We do have a generator we can hook up to the water pump when we need to. Or to plug in the freezer if it started thaw.  But it doesn't have any gas at the moment and we don't have any on hand!   Doh!!

4. We can cook on the grill in the back yard once it stops snowing and blowing.  But the propane levels are low too. Geez! 

We are rugged Montanans! We are supposed to be more prepared. What the heck?!  




Next time we have one of these tests, we will get an "A"!  How about you?  If the power went out right this minute, how well would you manage?  For Pete's sake, have enough drinking water on hand!  I still can't believe we didn't do that.   At least we do have enough food that doesn't have to be cooked and plenty of food for our menagerie of critters to last well beyond the storm.  Michael will bring more drinking water home from his work in another town and I have lots of wood drying out in the house.  

But I hope y'all learn from my mistakes and make sure you are more prepared than we were for this storm and power outage.  It only takes a few things to help us sail through the rainy (or snowy) days.


Now go make something beautiful, 



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