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Yes, I live on a real farm.  The kind with wide open spaces, beautiful animals and some of the down and dirty stuff too.  I named the farm after my three sons, because I chose a farm life in order to raise them to be three God fearing, hard working, dedicated, capable men. I'll let you know how it works out in about 16 years....

On this farm we raise critters for fleece and food.  The joy I get from growing the food we eat is indescribable.  Our eggs are from organic, pastured, happy hens and our meat is without antibiotics, chemicals, radiation or dyes.  Our veggies aren't sprayed with chemicals and are naturally fertilized with Alpaca poo, which happens to be just about the best fertilizer on the planet. 


So far we are raising: 

Organic, pastured eggs

Organic pork

Grass fed beef

Various veggies


We often have "extra" of the foods we are growing.  If you are local and looking for a great source of real food for your family, DROP ME A LINE and I'll let you know what is available.

We also have a herd of very spoiled alpacas that are currently growing their beautiful fleeces so we can make some of the softest, warmest products on the planet.  We have a selection or beautiful yarns that only come from our very own critters!  Each item is truly unique and made right here.  Check them out at .SHOP PRAIRIE BARBIE.


Three Sons Farm does have it's very own website:  Go ahead and pay us a visit!

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